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Pocket Casts 6.0 Changelog:

Neue Funktionen von Version 6.0
Have you missed us? We’ve certainly missed talking to all of you, at least the 1% of you that still read update notes. We’ve been hard at work on refining our original vision for Pocket Casts from 2011 and today we’re excited to share our shiny new 6.0 update with you!

Some highlights:
– Swifter Than Swift: We’ve re-written and re-worked huge parts of the app to make it faster and more future proof.
– Refined User Interface: Every part of the app is refined, more streamlined and better looking than ever before.
– Remove Silence and Volume Boost: two major features every podcasting app needs. Hat tip to the amazing RSS Radio app for pioneering both of these.
– iPad: Split screen and Picture in Picture support among many other changes.
– Up Next: It’s now easier than ever to see and manage your Up Next list. Simply swipe the mini player over on any list to get instant add buttons. Long press to re-arrange or remove, tap to play a queued episode right now.
– Dark Theme: We know a lot of you love to listen to podcasts at night, and that a lot of you are sensitive to bright, vivid whites scarring your retina’s for life. Well the new Dark Theme is definitely for you.
– Dedicated Download Section: See things you’ve downloaded recently. Re-claim space in just a few taps.
– Date Based Episode Filtering: Show only episodes that have come out in the last 24 hours, or 2 weeks, or a different time of your choosing. Makes it easy to create a filter of just episodes that are the most relevant
– 3D Touch Shortcuts: Because as satisfying as the little vibrations our current app icon does to indicate there aren’t any, being able to quickly get to various bits of the app is even better.
– Stats: We’ve created a dedicated area where you can see how long you’ve listened for and just how much time various features in our app have saved you in doing so.
– New Discover Section: find new and interesting podcasts to listen to faster than ever
– Removed 100% of the jokes from our update descriptions. Is this permanent? Is this temporary? Is this real life? Are we who we say we really are? What is life? What is love? THE ANGST IS KILLING ME! Angst is the right word here right? I mean it’s both suspense and anticipation in such a nice short word. If it’s not it really should be.

That’s a quick summary of what’s new in version 6.0. The final thing we’ll add is that now that our app is ready for another 5 years of updates we plan to make future updates far smaller and more incremental. We’ve been hearing your feedback loud and clear that it would have been nicer to get the feature list above one at a time in update lengths you can measure in weeks, not months. This time around because of the sheer amount of things that had to change this wasn’t possible, but part of this redesign was to make sure in future it will be. So while we work on version 6.1 and 6.2, please take the time to enjoy 6.0 and let us know what you think. We’re excited about being able to finally share it with you and we’re also excited for all the great feedback you’ll continue to give us going forward.

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